The importance of Open Accessibility Data

  • Time: 11h30-12h00
  • Location: Frederik de Tassis room
  • Level: Beginner
  • Type: Keynote

How can Open Data and Digital evolutions help people with certain dissabilities? If we want to create digital inclusive societies, this is a serious question we need to answer soon. Both speakers are experts in this field. Dennie Declercq will talk about creating inclusive open data, while Lars Nieuwenhoff introduces the Dutch GoOV application. GoOV was the winner of the international Open Data business lounge competition in 2015.

Open data and apps for people with a handicap - Dennie Declercq

How to make your new kind of open data? How can you translate data to people with a mental disability? In this talk I talk about the opportunity to work with data from other organizations that work in the sector for people with a disability, rather than the Government. And most of all how you can make them accessible with apps specific made for people who haven't the mental capacity to read / write!

Going beyond the use-case: Go-OV makes public transport truly accessible - Lars Nieuwenhoff

GoOV enables people with mental disabilities, or psychological disorders to travel safely by public transport. By processing open data on public transport to a dynamic ‘solution’, GoOV guides them from door to door, step by step, through a complex trip with public transport. GoOV constantly monitors progress to ensure a safe arrival at their destination. If the traveller isn’t able to finish his journey, the callcentre provides the support that is needed; either by giving proper travel-advice, or by guiding the person home, or ordering a cab. And besides the spectacular effects on enhancing quality of life, GoOV also saves the community a lot of money.

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Hello I'm Dennie Declercq

Dennie Declercq is the founder of VZW DDSoft. He's obsessed with making software and apps for people with a disability. He works as volunteer in VZW Ithaka where he writes software for people with a mental disability, and has now his own nonprofit DDSoft

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Hello I'm Lars Nieuwenhoff

Lars Nieuwenhoff is co-owner of GoOV and founder of INN4CARE, a firm that provides consultancy services on innovation strategy, -methodology and –financing for care- & cure-organisations. INN4CARE supports implementation of the technology in the daily operation & support process, in which the relationship between client, family and care-professional is leading.

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