What is the Open Belgium conference?

The Open Belgium conference is a community driven conference about Open Knowledge and Open Data, hosted in Antwerp this year. It’s packed with interesting talks and discussions. We debate about the openness of Belgium, from a local point of view to a European perspective. We provide national and international keynotes, cases and workshops, bringing you up to speed on new evolutions and best practices. All this rounds up in a network moment amongst attendees and speakers. The Open Belgium conference started out as a part of the three day conference DataDays in Ghent. Today, this is a yearly conference alternating between the three Belgian regions: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, keeping the voice of the open community in Belgium alive.

Who is this conference for?

This conference is intended for everyone interested in Open Data and Open Knowledge. It is an event where IT-experts, local authorities, Open Data hackers, researchers and private companies have the chance to catch up on what is new in the field of Open Knowledge in Belgium and beyond. It’s a day where data publishers sit next to users, citizen developers and communities to network and to openly discuss the next steps in Open Knowledge and Open Data.

Who is organising Open Belgium?

This conference is organised by Open Knowledge Belgium, a non-profit whose main goal is to stimulate Open Knowledge in Belgium. We do this through different activities, one being Open Belgium. That's a platform which provides a voice to everyone involved in open efforts in Belgium. Opening up Belgian knowledge is not a task limited to governments or data owners, it’s something we all can support and cultivate.

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