#OpenTourism - Linked Open Data publishing and discovery workshop

  • Time: 15h30-17h00
  • Location: Scaldis Room
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Type: Workshop

This session will bring a solution to one of the main issues in the field of application development for the tourism and leisure sector. A lot of projects fail because the underlying systems and databases are too difficult to connect or because it is too costly to do. We will share and discuss the ‘Open Standard for Tourism Ecosystems Data’, developed by touristic actors in Flanders and a tool for aggregating existing data and mapping it to the tourism vocabulary, which has been tested with local data in the region of West-Flanders.

Feel free to share your notes with us!


Hello I'm Anastasia Dimou

Anastasia Dimou holds a M.Sc. in e-Government technologies from University of Trento, Italy and a M.Sc. in Web Science from Aristotle University, Greece. As from 2013 she is a researcher in Semantic Web and Linked Open Data technologies at Multimedia Lab of Ghent University - iMinds. Anastasia has been involved in different research projects. Her main interest and expertise is related to knowledge representation, integration and management. She is focused on mapping and interlinking data to semantically annotate and integrate knowledge while and after publishing Linked Data.

Anastasia Dimou

Semantic Web Researcher

iMinds - Ghent University - MMLab

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Hello I'm Bruno Koninckx

Bruno Koninckx works @Thomas More and is Project Manager of ‘Towards a sustainable mobile tourism guide’. Besides that, he conducts research in digital media, mobile technology and innovation.

Bruno Koninckx

Project Manager

Thomas More

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Hello I'm Marc Portier

Marc Portier works as a civil servant with Westtoer, the organization responsible for the promotion of Tourism (marketing, product and recreation development, support, consulting and knowledge gathering) in the province West Flanders. The area covers all of the Belgian coast, Bruges and surroundings, the "Flanders Fields" region and the valley of the "Lyss" (Leie). Within the organization his role is to normalize, organize, educate and inspire on the proper usage of modern digital (social, local, mobile) tools, techniques and opportunities.

Marc Portier

ICT Manager


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Hello I'm Raf Buyle

Raf holds a Masters Degree in Applied Engineering in ICT – Electronics and is involved in strategic e-Government projects for local and regional governments since 2002. As an advisor in e-government strategy, Raf tries to implement a more rational, interoptable e-government, promoting open data, open standards and open processes. Raf is also board member of Open Knowledge Belgium. He’s active in the in the Open Data community, advocating Open Tourism Data.

Raf Buyle

Board member

Open Knowledge Belgium

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